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Recall Julian Castro, Mayor, San Antonio, Texas



1. a ruler who uses power oppressively or unjustly.
2. any person in a position of authority who exercises power oppressively or despotically.
3. a tyrannical or compulsory influence.
4. ruler who places his or her own interests or the interests of a small oligarchy over the best interests of the general population, which the tyrant governs or controls.

1250–1300; ME tirant < OF < L tyrannus < Gk týrannos

1. despot, autocrat, dictator.

04APR01 - Council approves $2.5 million for Alameda museum

04APR01 - Homeless heros resting place - By Guillermo X. Garcia - San Antonio Express-News

30MAR10 - Press Conference on steps of City Hall to announce RecallCastro.org - PETITION to recall Julian Castro, Mayor, San Antonio, Texas

27MAR10 - Street ministries facing city crackdown - By Brian Chasnoff - San Antonio Express-News

Fiascos brought to you by Julian Castro:

- NUCLEAR MELTDOWN! .. Royally screwed-up the nuclear project deal whereby San Antonians could have enjoyed lower energy prices!
UNTRUSTWORTHY CASTRO   During his campaign Castro always said he was against nuclear power whilst at the same time Castro received campaign money from a company that is now directly involved in the nuclear power contract!! (Confirmed in this San Antonio Express-News article; Power in Play: How nuclear allies became adversaries .) That article mentions AN ADDITIONAL $4 BILLION COST!!!!   (This is where you're supposed to hear bells, whistles, and alarms going off!)

- Seeking to give away Municipal real estate properties to "friends of Castro" without a vote of the public!

- Cops killing civilians and yet there's been not one murder trial for those cops!

- Helped usher in a new councilmember under fraudulent pretenses and without a vote of San Antonians! That councilmember allegedly does not even live in the district!

- Pays off hooligans to do "dirty work" for him!

- Helping to shut down ministries in the downtown area!

- "HAVEN FOR HOPE is nothing but a jail disguised as a homeless shelter!" Homeless are being ticketed and apparently false arrested for "camping!" Belongings of homeless have been taken by police and in a "piracy" scheme.. their personal belongings are being ransomed for $25 per personal item!

- Tyrant Castro wants to ramrod "LIGHT RAIL" on San Antonio taxpayers; while San Antonians have previously voted against "Light Rail" in an election!

- Generally ignores the people (unless they come in with money!).

- Tyrant Castro was elected by only 8% of the registered voters.. now the remaining 92% can help Recall Castro!

- More disasters to come from Castro.. unless we hurry up and recall him!!!

For signatures by San Antonio registered voters.

Come back to this homepage.. updates to follow:
- Copy of petition for printing and getting signatures!
- Updates on press conferences, press releases, etc!

It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings!

RecallCastro.org - PETITION TO RECALL JULIAN CASTRO, Mayor, San Antonio, Texas

"right to petition government" !!

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RecallCastro.org - PETITION TO RECALL JULIAN CASTRO, Mayor, San Antonio, Texas

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R e c a l l     C a s t r o !
Recall Julian Castro, Mayor, San Antonio, Texas

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